Stories and thank yous

It’s not the cancer symptoms that jump out the most from 5-year-old Tayah’s photos – it’s her sparkling eyes and mischievous smile.

This tu-tu loving sweetheart has advanced Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer that affects far too many kids a year. Sadly, Tayah has relapsed after many treatment attempts, Tayah hospitalincluding a bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, radiation and an operation to remove her tumour. With near constant medical appointments for Tayah and two other children to care for, her parents face a never-ending juggling act and increasing financial hardships.

Thankfully the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity was able to help Tayah’s family with keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table.

“Thank you so very much for helping our family during a tough time,” writes mom Candice. “It is extremely challenging having a child battling cancer and it makes it a little easier knowing people truly care and are willing to help. Your kindness and support is truly appreciated and won’t be forgotten.”


“We wish to deeply and kindly thank the donors for their generous support of our son’s occupational therapy and dietary costs associated with his epilepsy.

He has had challenges over the last five years which have given our family increasing financial stress. Our main focus has been coping with epilepsy while trying to keep our son’s happiness.

The financial stress had been unbearable, and then we received your letter of hope that opens up a light. It gave us hope that we will get through this time, that we will survive, and that our son has a chance to be the person he is meant to be.”

~With gracious thanks, Renee, Matthew and our happy son, Finlay. Finaly, 9, has epilepsy


Masters Family bikesGreetings from the Masters Family! We want to thank everyone for their assistance and especially to the Jennifer Ashleigh Chilldren’s Charity’s financial assistance for the purchasing of the bikes and their modifications. Joshua,

Josiah and Jericka-Lyn have thoroughly enjoyed their specialized bikes. Although it has taken some time for them to master their bike riding skills, they are well on their way!

Without all your help, this would not have been possible. Thanks from the heart!
From all of us: Dave, Michele, Joshua, Jacob, Josiah and Jericka-Lyn


“I wish to thank the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity for their most generous assistance during a very difficult time with my beautiful daughter Tina.

Without your help, we would have had a stressful time trying to make all our financial commitments. My wife and I could make unlimited trips to the hospital without worry as to how we were going to pay the bill. Our daughter has been sick from a very young age, and the grocery assistance money is enabling us to get on the right track with her dietary requirements.

Please share with all of your so generous donors how truly grateful we as a family are. Knowing there is such a strong support in the community has made us appreciate our situation even more.”

~Tina’s family. Tina has congenial anomalies with failure to thrive, global developmental delays and is tube fed


Elson Family

“This is my family. You have helped us out so much in the past. Thank you so very much from all of us!”
~Phoenix’s Mom. Phoenix has cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia


When we read that an adapted bicycle we helped fund for an 8-year-old girl with spina bifida and hydrocephalus has literally “changed the course of her life,” we just had to share. How incredibly wonderful for Savana!Savana bike

“The bike has provided many, many hours of enjoyment and exercise to Savana. Riding her bike is an activity…that she can now do AND keep pace with her friends and cousins. Savana has expressed that she feels a sense of freedom to be able to move about faster. She is stronger and more vibrant and happy being the proud owner of a bike; her healthcare team also has noticed an improvement in Savana’s development.

Hopefully (your audience) can feel the love and joy that has been brought to our family and one very special little girl. The generosity has strengthened and changed the course of Savana’s life in the most positive of ways.”

~Savana’s Dad

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